Hangzhou - West Lake 2nd view - motief 1
Hangzhou - West Lake 2nd view - motief 1

Hangzhou - West Lake

Breeze-ruffled Lotus at

Quyuan Garden

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The coin shows the 2nd of Top Ten

View of Hangzhou West Lake


Breeze – ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden which features in lotus ranks the 2nd of Top Ten View just after Spring Dawn at Su Causeway. In Southern Song Dynasty, Quyuan Courtyard was an official vinery which located on the bank of the West Lake beside the Hongcun Bridge on the Linyin Road where many lotus were planted. In summer breezes, the air was scented with delicate fragrance of lotus intermingled with the tasteful bouquet of wine. However, the courtyard was very much neglected and the nearby lake silted up. It became a small garden with a small pavilion, a veranda and a few lotus flowers planted in the water in front.


A lot of thanks to my dear Friend Jifeng from who this info comes from.